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Volunteering with QuidditchUK is like joining a family – we work together, play together, support and build each other up in our mutual journey, collaborating towards the single aim of developing the sport of quidditch in the United Kingdom.

To apply for a volunteer position in QuidditchUK, we ask that you first read the position description on this page and then fill out the form below. Junior roles are typically 2 hours or less commitment, though some reach 5-6 hours during peak times (e.g. around a tournament). Though slightly more varied, Senior roles are typically 2-4 hours per week with some reaching reaching 7-8 during peak times. Executive roles average 2-6 hours during quiet times, making them the most varied, and they can reach 6-8 during peaks with some positions clocking more than 10 hours per week. From time to time we also advertise temporary positions, low commitment roles working on a specific project.

We currently have no vacancies in the Events, Presidential, and Teams Departments. However, this page is constantly updated with new vacancies so please check back often to see if a position of interest to you has become available. If you would like to volunteer with us and there is not a vacancy or role in the area you feel you are suited to, please still get in contact with us by selecting Other in the form below and we will see what we can do!

Presidential Department

Oversee the direction and leadership of QuidditchUK as a sport and organisation. Department workload includes executive decision making, partner relationship management, supervising volunteers and projects, policy drafting, representing QuidditchUK nationally and internationally, and chairing regular meetings.


Executive Level Volunteer
The President chairs the Executive Management Team, acts as a national and international representative of QuidditchUK and supports the development of the sport and the community. They oversee the whole of QUK and are a full voting partner alongside the Vice President and Operations Director. This role is great for anyone interested in leadership, communicating a vision and enabling a team to develop for the future.

Candidates applying should be aware that the application process for President will take substantially longer than other QUK positions, involving a period of shadowing the President on EMT. Some more information is provided here.

Expansion Department

Oversee and direct the growth of new clubs and spread quidditch across the country. Department workload includes developing grants, identifying areas of opportunity, assisting newly formed quidditch clubs, creating events to attract potential joiners to the sport.

Southsea Quidditch celebrate in a group hug after winning a match

Expansion Director

Executive Level Volunteer

This role oversees the Expansion Managers in fostering the growth and development of new and upcoming teams. They create and plan QuidditchUK's expansion strategy, identifying key areas for attention and building relationships with new teams. The Expansion Director also forms a part of the Executive Management Team and takes part in weekly update meetings, helping drive the wider development of UK Quidditch. Team committee experience, such as a manager or coach, is highly desirable but is not essential.

Gameplay Department

Oversee the creation and development of resources and training for referees and snitch runners across QuidditchUK. Department workload includes rulebook adjustments, training resources, field testing, and standardisation of official ability across QuidditchUK tournaments and leagues.

Refs pose together before a match, all wearing their referee shirts

Assistant Gameplay Director

Senior Level Volunteer

This role involves working closely with the Gameplay Director on overseeing projects to develop the UK's referees, snitches, and the sport more generally. Experience as a player and referee is highly desirable, and while team management skills will be a big plus this role offers plenty of room for growth and development in that area.

Media Department

Oversee all aspects of QuidditchUK media and marketing. Department workload includes social media management, film and photography, copywriting, public relations and releases, content creation, website development, graphic design, and media resource creation for clubs.

A group of volunteers film and commentate a game occuring out of frame

Assistant Media Director

Senior Level Volunteer
This role involves working closely with the Media Director to grow QUK’s presence both on and offline, to our own community and the wider public. Responsibilities include helping oversee projects and liaising with other volunteers to improve our reach and produce new, innovative content. Experience writing, editing, and publishing different media is essential, and while team management skills will be a big plus this role offers plenty of room for growth and development in that area.

LQC A celebrate their win at EQT raising the trophy

Media Coordinator

Junior Level Volunteer
We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic about promoting quidditch far and wide to join our team! Whether your skills lie with social media, talking with journalists, or writing copy for our online outlets, this is the role for you. We want to report on general happenings in QuidditchUK and the wider community, but also proactively create new opportunities for QUK to reach the public and extend our reach.

Content Creator

Junior Level Volunteer
We're looking for Photographers, Videographers, and Designers to create Media for our social feeds, merchandise, promotional materials. We're also looking for video editors to cut together tournament footage for online release. We want to create a new visual style for QuidditchUK, working with existing footage and photography from previous seasons, repurposing and releasing to boost our internal and external image.

Operations Department

Oversee the financial, legal, and logistical aspects to QuidditchUK. Department workload includes merchandise, budgeting, expenses, sponsorships, and policy oversight.

Assistant Operations Director

Senior Level Volunteer

The Assistant Operations Director assists the Operations Director by compiling financial reports for events and the end-of-year, advising tournament committees on operational needs, and supporting refunding volunteer expenses. The Assistant Director reports to the operations Director but can expect to work with other department heads regarding their budgets. This role is great for focused, detail-oriented individuals with experience in managing budgets, and is comfortable juggling numbers.


Oversee the ever important recruitment and wellbeing of our volunteers. Department workload includes recruitment of volunteer staff, development and training, health and wellbeing, volunteer disciplinary matters, and identifying areas within QuidditchUK that require volunteer resources.

Two beaters fight for control of a Bludger

Recruitment Officer

Junior Level Volunteer

We’re looking for folks interested in boosting QUK’s volunteer recruitment efforts throughout the community and beyond. Responsibilities will include coming up with new ideas to promote our roles and helping take notes during volunteer interviews.

EDI Committee Co-Chair

Senior Level Volunteer

The Equity Diversity & Inclusion committee aim to foster better access and representation within QuidditchUK, with opportunities to directly feedback to the executive management team. We're looking for someone with lived experience on gender issues to join as a second co-chair, jointly the key liaison between the committee and EMT.

EDI Committee Member

Junior Level Volunteer

Members of the committee input on programmes or policies from QUK, and make recommendations of projects to improve the access and representation. Initial focuses for the committee will be issues faced Black, Asian, and ethnic minority community members, and also transgender and minority gender members.

National Team Volunteers

Develop, coordinate, and train the most talented players in the country at the highest levels of competitive international quidditch.

Quidditch England National Team Logo

Team England Assistant Manager

Senior Level Volunteer

The Assistant Manager plays a crucial role in supporting Team England's leadership with their day-to-day duties. This includes a wide variety of tasks from fundraising to logistics so it’s a good chance to get a broad range of experience. They may also take point in covering for the manager in their absence.

National Team Media Coordinator

(one role each for England, Scotland, and Wales)

Junior Level Volunteer

Want to help rep your national team? We’re searching for content creators to work closely with each of our national team staff on their social media, talking with journalists, and writing copy for the QUK website. If you want to play a part in promoting the achievements of your national team far and wide then this is the job for you!

Quaffle Player Scout

Junior Level Volunteer

To fill the gaps in our scouting team we're looking for north-region based scouts with experience of the quaffle game.

Assist the national teams’ coaching leadership in identifying and recognising top-level quidditch talent across the country. You will gauge performances of those who have requested to be scouted, and report to the national team coaches so they can make an informed decision about selection.

Apply to Volunteer

If you feel comfortable doing so, we would very much appreciate filling our applicant equality and diversity form. Responses to this form are handled independently to role applications and will not affect your volunteering.