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Our national teams represent the very best of quidditch athleticism and sportsmanship in the United Kingdom. With our top players training and competing under the leadership of a dedicated group of volunteer coaches and managers that build our squads to the best they can possibly be.

Team UK was founded in 2012 and competed in the very first iteration of the World Cup, the 2012 Summer Games hosted in Oxford; where Team UK competed against the United States, France, Canada, and Australia in a competition that ultimately saw the United States of America take the gold medal and launch what would become a regular series of European Championships and World Cups across the globe over the coming years.

Since then, Team UK has gone onto compete at the highest levels of international quidditch, frequently medaling and even winning the 2017 IQA European Games in Oslo, Norway.

With the explosive growth of quidditch throughout the United Kingdom, we have also seen the creation and development of Team Scotland and Team Wales, national teams with dedicated players and coaches competing internationally against high-level competition.

With further world cups and international fixtures on the horizon, players aspiring to represent their country can do so by filling out the form below and request to be scouted for selection or coaching.

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Our national teams represent the absolute best of what of the sport can be in the United Kingdom, and our athletes and coaches cement that belief. National team athletes are expected to work hard with the team and coaches on improving their own game, through consistent practice and regular attendance at tournaments and national team training sessions.

Any current and actively competing member of QuidditchUK is eligible to be scouted for a national team they wish to compete for, provided they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the National Team Operational Policy.

Members wishing to be scouted and considered for a national team training position can register their interest on the form below. Selection is entirely at the discretion of the respective national team staff.

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