So, a new era is upon us. I would firstly like to thank Amy for all the amazing work they have put into QuidditchUK over the past year-without them we would not be where we are today. 

I am super excited to now be officially taking over. While the season is almost over, we still have merc tournaments a plenty and of course TeamUK hopefully charging to victory in Sarteano this summer. Make sure you get involved, even if you're not playing! The end of the season also means the start of the workload for the next season, so expect to see lots of information coming your way soon, including our very exciting strategic plan which outlines our plans for the next three years.

If you ever have any questions or points you would like to raise, just email me at People are what make this sport special, and lets keep it that way.

Melanie Piper, QuidditchUK President


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