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What is Quidditch?

Raptor Chaser attempts to score against Werewolves Keeper

Chasers and Keepers

Three Chasers, wearing white headbands.

One Keeper, wearing a green headband.

Their job is to put the Quaffle through one of the opposition's three hoops, while defending their own hoops.

Each hoop is worth 10 points.

Two beaters face off


Two Beaters, wearing black headbands, throw Bludgers to beat opposing players.

When a player is hit by an opposing bludger they are beat and must dismount their broom, run back to their hoops before they can rejoin the game.

Beaters play a tactical role, influencing the play of the other positions.

Team UK Seeker catches snitch

Seekers and Snitch

One Seeker, wearing a yellow headband.

They attempt to catch the Snitch, a tail attached to the back of a Snitch Runner; an impartial official dressed in yellow who uses physicality and evasion to prevent the Seekers from catching.

Catching the snitch is worth 30 points and ends the game.

Players stand together in a group with broomsticks in hand


Broomsticks must be used by all players at all times on pitch.

All passing, scoring, tackling, and seeking must be done with a broom between your legs.

When a player is struck by a Bludger or taken off their broom by another player, they must go back and touch their own hoops before rejoining the game.

A player makes a shot at the hoops from a distance


Three Hoops stand at each end of the pitch.

Chasers and Keepers can score a goal by throwing or driving the Quaffle through any of the hoops from either side.

Each goal is worth 10 points.

A chaser attempts to offload the Quaffle while a chaser attempts to tackle and a beater looks on

Quaffles and Bludgers

Every game has One Quaffle and Three Bludgers.

Quaffles are slightly deflated Volleyballs, and Bludgers are size 8.5 Rubber Dodgeballs.

At the start of the game, all of the balls are lined up in along centre of the pitch.

The Referee calls 'Brooms Up' and the teams race from each end to begin the match.

Quidditch is a fast-paced, mixed-gender, full-contact sport that is played in communities and universities by hundreds of players throughout the United Kingdom. Seven players on each team compete to outscore their opponents by scoring the quaffle through the one of the opposition hoops, defending their own hoops with tackles and bludgers, and catching the snitch to win the game.

Invented in 2005 in the United States and taking direct influence from J.K. Rowling's iconic series, the sport had runaway success and quidditch quickly grew across the country and expanded throughout the rest of the world.

Today, quidditch is played by tens of thousands of athletes around the globe - With local, regional, national, and international tournaments taking place every year. Whether you're brand new to sport, an experienced athlete, or just a passionate fan of the game - There's a quidditch club for you in your area.

Find your challenge

QuidditchUK has a broad range opportunities for players and volunteers at all levels of the sport.

From development or coaching roles within our community, sport governance and event management, refereeing and snitching accreditation, casual development tournaments right up to competing at the highest European level; or even representing the country on the national team at the Quidditch World Cup.

Whatever challenge you want, quidditch can bring it. And then some.

Players run towards the balls after a Quidditch match begins

Find your team

There are hundreds of quidditch players spread across clubs throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

Whether you're looking for a university team, or joining a local community club, there are plenty of competitive and casual options throughout the United Kingdom for new and experienced players alike.

Get in touch and find your new team today.

A seeker holds up a snitch triumphant while their teammates hug them

Find your place

Whatever your experience or ability, the quidditch community is welcome to anyone and everyone. Irrespective of age, experience, ability, or gender; quidditch is for everyone - including those from an LGBTQ+ background and who identify within the trans or non-binary community.

Quidditch prides itself on being an open and inclusive sporting community, being one of the only full-contact mixed-gender sports in the world.

There's room for all.

A group of players stand in a line, wearing different ktis
A club photo of the London Unspeakables of their three teams