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TrainingsWednesdays and Saturdays, 2-4PM
PresidentOliver Bell
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This club is currently inactive, if you are interested in restarting it contact our Teams Director

About Winchester Quidditch Club

Founded in 2017, the Winchester Quidditch Club is a University team, but one that welcomes both University and Community members of all experience and ability backgrounds.

We push to have an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere, offering the chance to compete in tournaments for those who want to, but also the chance to simply join our training sessions and socials for those who don’t.

We have a great partnership with the nearby Community Club, Southsea Quidditch, which allows us to train with and compete against other great players and members of community, and our members get the best experience possible.

We have competed in various tournaments during our time as a club, including Southern Cup and even a championship run at Development Cup in 2019.