So, you want to get involved with QuidditchUK? Quidditch is one of the most all inclusive sports out there, and is both fun and highly competitive. It is a great hobby, keeps you fit and also makes you a part of the greatest community out there - that of QuidditchUK.  So, what’s stopping you?

One easy way to get involved is to simply become a member and join a team. Use our find a team online function to find your nearest team. If you can’t find a team near you, or want to really make a mark in the quidditch world, then set up your own team! Setting up your own team either alone or with friends will be an utterly fantastic experience, you could end up winning the British Quidditch Cup!

Photo credit to Ahmed Elgen, Nov 2013

Reffing and snitching is also a great way to get involved. Every tournament or match taking place in the UK needs unbiased snitches and refs, so training up is not only incredibly useful to your team, but also means you can go help at matches all across the country.

Photo credits to Katherine Watson

Finally, quidditch isn’t just in the UK. It is an international sport and the International Quidditch Association also need volunteers, just as much as us here in the UK. So, check out their website for more information.

We are looking forward to seeing you at a quidditch event soon!