Working with QuidditchUK is like joining a family - we work together, play together, support and nurture each other in our mutual journey, collaborating towards the single aim of developing the sport of quidditch in the United Kingdom.

At any given time, we will have a number of vacant positions within our staff structure. Some of these positions may be brand new, but some may have a long and established history. Some vacancies may be for temporary positions, working on a particular project such as the British Quidditch Cup. Others may be permanent positions, working in one of our departments under a member of the Executive Management Team.

To apply for a staff position in QuidditchUK, we ask that you first read the position description on this page. Once you click the ‘Apply for this Position’ button, you will be taken to a page where you can upload your CV and a Cover Letter. Your CV and Cover Letter should detail your personal achievements, display a clear sense of work ethic and a passion for the sport of quidditch and its development. 

Once applications for the position have closed, we will assess the applications and select a handful of candidates to move on to the interview stage. At the interview stage, candidates will be interviewed on Skype by at least two staff members - usually the relevant department’s Director and the Human Resources Director. 

The table below is constantly updated within vacancies. Please check back often to see if a position of interest to you has become available.

If you would like to volunteer with us and there is not a vacancy or role in the area you feel you are suited to, please get in contact with and we will see what we can do!

Should you require any further information regarding any upcoming or advertised roles, please also get in contact with the HR department (, and we will be happy to help!

Volunteers Director Apply

The Volunteers Director will take responsibility for recruiting and supporting volunteers within QUK. This will involve administering the recruitment process for permanent volunteer roles and tournament committees as well as coming up with ways of attracting, training and supporting people to volunteer within QUK.

They will be a full voting member of EMT and will be involved in all EMT level decision-making.

Vice President Apply

The Vice President sits at the heart of everything QuidditchUK does, contributing on a strategic level to the direction and management of both short- and long-term projects and supporting the President in all of their responsibilities both within QuidditchUK and as an ambassador to Quidditch Europe, the International Quidditch Association, and the wider community.

The right volunteer for the role will have a passion for quidditch as both a sport and a social project, with a strong work ethic, and the ability to form good interpersonal relationships. They must have (and maintain) good standing within the within quidditch communities as they join the President in representing a big part of what people see and understand about the organization. They must be diplomatic and quick-thinking, able to present and defend decisions and policies adeptly both in formal capacities such as Open Office Hours, and informally at tournaments or amongst friends, whilst nonetheless being approachable and remaining open to criticism. Above all, the Vice President must not be a divisive or controversial figure, in order to maintain QuidditchUK’s reputation amongst quidditch organizations and players both in the UK and worldwide.

The applicant should have the ability to remain calm under pressure, as the Presidential team are often required to unpick problems which are time-sensitive or handle the unforeseen difficulties which naturally arise with an organization working on the scale that QuidditchUK does. Problem-solving, initiative, and confidence in their own decisions are all essential.

The role varies significantly in its demands depending on the capabilities of the volunteer and what is currently ongoing in the QuidditchUK season. Regular attendance at weekly Executive Skype meetings and a daily presence on Slack (QuidditchUK’s virtual office space) amounting to five or so hours per week represent a minimum to be effective volunteering in the role, and the position has the capacity to reward upwards of fifteen to twenty hours weekly if the candidate is willing and able to offer it. There is no specific experience or area of expertise required to make someone suitable for the position, although any experience in managing or administrating quidditch at NGB, club, or other level will be relevant and useful.
There are currently no Temporary Positions available to apply for.