Snitch Runners in Quidditch
The snitch runner, often just called the ‘snitch’, is one of the most vital participants in a game of quidditch, required to compete at a high athletic standard for as long as possible against both teams, with their skills and abilities often carrying the game in the balance. The snitch runner carries a tennis ball or equivalent in a sock or velcro tag, tucked into or fixed onto their waistline, and competes with one seeker from each team, grappling with and evading them to keep them from removing the snitch ball for as long as possible. When a seeker does remove the ball, the game ends and that seeker’s team scores thirty points, equivalent to three normal goals.

About QuidditchUK’s Snitch Runners
With no international standard at present determining or regulating snitch runners, QuidditchUK relies on the experience and dedication of its existing snitches to further the discipline and expand on one of the sport’s most distinctive skills. Snitch runners have only one objective, and huge flexibility in how to achieve it. Consequently, they vary as widely as players in their preferences, appearance, and technique. Information and resources to assist in training as a snitch runner can be found on this page.

QuidditchUK awards certifications for snitches in three categories (gold, silver, and bronze), and you can read about how to certify as a QuidditchUK snitch runner here. Whilst preference will always be given to certified snitches, it is also possible to snitch in QuidditchUK games as an uncertified snitch runner. You can volunteer to do so here.