Here is a current list of all QuidditchUK certified referees.

Referees in Quidditch

Quidditch is almost unique amongst competitive team sports in having multiple active game balls involved in the game at the same time, with different rules. Consequently, a high number of officials are necessary to make a game run smoothly. A fully-refereed game of quidditch requires a single head referee, three assistant referees, a snitch referee and two goal referees, all trained to a high standard, as well as a scorekeeper and timekeeper to ensure the game is properly recorded. This makes good refereeing essential to good quidditch, and is why we’re very excited you’re checking out this part of the website!

QuidditchUK referees operate under whichever rulebook QuidditchUK currently endorses. Presently, this is USQ Rulebook 9, albeit with a few QuidditchUK-specific amendments. QuidditchUK's endorsed rulebook is always intended to foster and preserve a consistent international standard of rules in line with the priorities of the International Quidditch Association. About QuidditchUK’s Referees Refereeing is, as in any sport, one of the most demanding, exciting, and overlooked roles. QuidditchUK’s referees are guided by the certifications of International Referee Development Programme, and we always try to use the IRDP’s tests for assistant, snitch, and head referees to judge the referees for QuidditchUK events. These constitute a number of short written online examinations for the assistant and snitch referee qualifications, as well as longer, paid written online examinations or field test depending on the certification required.

Currently the IRDP are unable to offer structured testing, and as an interim measure QuidditchUK will be using our own tests in a similar structure as a means of certifying referees. These will be free of charge to all QuidditchUK members. QuidditchUK official referees are entitled to wear the QuidditchUK referees’ patch and to referee games at QuidditchUK events. Referees who belong to other quidditch national governing bodies may referee at QuidditchUK events, but may need to achieve QuidditchUK certifications to do so - referees in this position should email explaining their situation in good time before the event at which they wish to referee.. Head referees at QuidditchUK events are to be paid a minimum fee of £8 per game for each QuidditchUK game officiated. QuidditchUK and the IRDP The International Referee Development Programme was founded in July 2014 after the old International Quidditch Association announced its split into United States Quidditch and the new International Quidditch Association. It aims to provide comprehensive international referee certification and training, through the experience of its staff.

Following a successful 2014-15 season, QuidditchUK intend to continue to cooperate with the International Referee Development Programme inasmuch as this is possible.

The IRDP are currently unable to provide testing and certification, but members are still encouraged to utilize the training materials, available on the IRDP website.

Become a QuidditchUK Referee To become a QuidditchUK referee, it is first necessary to register as an individual member of QuidditchUK (which involves a small membership fee) (except if visiting from another NGB, as described above). You should then send an e-mail to, stating your name and requesting a registration code as a QuidditchUK member. You will receive a reply within a few days and can then input your registration code on the ClassMarker website, enabling you to take our tests as a QuidditchUK referee.

The IRDP have a number of educational resources accessible from their website which you can use to help you prepare for the tests or improve as a referee. QuidditchUK’s referee development team have also prepared some of our own resources which can be found here.