Operations Director Joshua Fogg Steps Down


We are deeply saddened to reveal that Joshua Fogg is stepping down from their role as Operations Director in November after regionals take place this season.

Picking up the role last November from their previous position as ‘Acting Operations Director’, Josh has enjoyed their year on the Executive Management Team. Whilst having previous experience managing QuidditchUK’s financial, legal and of course logistical needs, Josh worked incredibly hard over the last year to ensure that QuidditchUK’s budget(s) were kept in check. Additionally, our events were number crunched by the Operations expert, making them more affordable to the wider player base.

Since the ex-Manchester Beater joined QuidditchUK, it would be barbaric not to mention that the organisation’s financial transparency with our reports were increased drastically between the EMT and the UK’s community. Josh’s end goal was to ensure that this was paramount to complete to move onto better long term planning for the future of QuidditchUK.

We will now be looking for a replacement Operations Director to fill Josh’s already massive shoes in our organisation. The soon to be former executive director wanted to encourage those who were interested in volunteering for QuidditchUK especially in operations/finance and/or in general.

“The Operations Director role is a great way to be involved with QUK and shape the direction we take over the coming years. That said, if you believe that’s too big a role there’s a lot of other valued positions within the department that are available”.

We would like to wish Josh all the best of luck within their future as they are currently studying for a PHD qualification. QuidditchUK, without a doubt, would like to praise Josh immensely for all their hard work they’ve put into growing the UK’s NGB to where it stands today.

We hope that you too can thank Josh personally for an unmatched effort. Thank you, Josh!

(Photo Credit: Claire Purslow Quidditch Photography)

Sam Instone

By Sam Instone
October 24, 2019

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