Feedback for the British Quidditch Cup 2018 released


The 2018 British Quidditch Cup (BQC 2018) was held at Brookes Sports Botley, Oxford, across the weekend of the 24th and 25th March 2018. The feedback in the document linked below was generated from a Google form distributed to the quidditch community post-tournament and reflected largely positive comments with constructive notes for improvement in the following years. For the first time the tournament committee have also provided feedback on their experience running the British Quidditch Cup, in the hopes it will be beneficial to both QuidditchUK and future tournament committees.

The feedback can be found here.

QuidditchUK would like to thank everyone that contributed and gave their thoughts on the event both positive and negative;  the feedback will be kept in mind and used to help plan future tournaments of an even higher standard.

QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
June 7, 2018

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