BQC 2017 Footage Statement 6pm 14th Jun, 2017

QuidditchUK are extremely saddened and sorry to announce that due to a combination of miscommunication, technical, and staffing difficulties during and after BQC 2017 we only have footage from 6 games (2 of which are incomplete) to release to the community. A more indepth report of the failures which led to this can be found in the BQC 2017 Review, to be published soon. In the meantime, the matches we do have available to release are:

Group B: London Unspeakables vs Cambridge University Quidditch Club
Group B: London Unspeakables vs Leicester Thestrals
Group B: London Unspeakables vs Nottingham Nightmares
Round of 16: Holyrood Hippogriffs vs Leicester Thestrals
Quarter Final: Velociraptors QC vs Warwick Quidditch Club
Quarter Final: Werewolves of London vs Tornadoes QC

The matches can be found on our Youtube page here:

We would like to apologise once again for the lack of footage and will endeavour to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. We would also like to remind the community of the fantastic highlights reel put together by the incredibly talented Triple Hoops films which can be found here: 

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