Bid Packages for the 2017/18 Season Released 11pm 28th Apr, 2017

QuidditchUK are delighted to announce the release of our bid packages for the 2017/18 season. Starting today teams and venues will have the opportunity to place a bid for our annual tournaments. 

For the 2017/18 season, QuidditchUK are looking to host Northern and Southern Cup, Development Cup and of course our flagship tournament, the British Quidditch Cup. Applicants have until 31st May to submit their bid for regional tournaments and until 31st July to submit their bids to host the British Quidditch Cup or Development Cup. 

All the information potential bidders need can be found in our bid package PDF which can be found here. To submit an event bid to QuidditchUK an email must be sent to by the bid submission deadline. The email must contain a completed QuidditchUK Event Bid Factsheet (DOCX, PDF) as a PDF. Bids are encouraged to include further information to sell their venue and detail why their bid should be chosen, but a completed factsheet emailed to is the absolute minimum required for a bid to be considered.

The Bid Packages contain information about when QuidditchUK are aiming to host our tournaments for the 2017/18 season. Each tournament has a desired window stated and teams are encouraged to email with any dates they feel would be particularly difficult for their team to attend within that window. We can make no guarantees that these dates will be avoided but QuidditchUK will make the best efforts to accommodate them. 

Any questions or queries should be emailed to


Bid Packages 2017/18 - PDF

QuidditchUK Event Bid Factsheet - DOCX, PDF*

Bid Submission Deadlines:

31/05/2017 - Northern Cup

31/05/2017 - Southern Cup

31/07/2017 - British Quidditch Cup

31/07/2017 - Development Cup

*note: to fill out the factsheet in PDF format, open in Adobe Reader.