Development Cup Schedule and Player Guide Released 8pm 17th Apr, 2017

QuidditchUK are excited to announce the schedule and the release of the player guide for the Development Cup 2017. The schedule can be found here and the player guide can be found here.  

Unfortunately there were not enough sign ups to have a mercenary team, so the players who did volunteer have been divided amongst the teams with the fewest players. This is to allow everyone who wishes to compete at the event to do so, and supplement some teams with the smallest rosters.

Changes have been made to the tournament structure to address the change in the number of teams. Instead of being split into two groups at the start of the first day of play teams will play in a round robin format over the course of the event, still playing a total of eight games but each team will now face each other team once. The Development Cup champions will be the team who performs best, in line with the ranking procedures in QuidditchUK’s Event Guidelines, across all eight games. 

Team Registration will be taking place at 7:25am on Saturday 22nd April. Please be at the pitches for 7:00am and remember to bring your team’s medical information with you. 

Due to the small amounts of players on some of the rosters, the tournament will be using timeouts as outlined in the IQA rulebook. Lasting two minutes rather than one, this gives the teams that could have with few or no subs a much needed breather and it is a chance for coaches to provide valuable insight to the teams during gameplay.

If you are attending the tournament as a non-playing qualified referee, snitch or pitch manager, or as part of our coaching scheme, you will be entitled to overnight expenses as outlined in the reimbursement policy

If you have any questions about the schedule or tournament format please either use the contact form or send an email to