Dev Cup 2017 Group Draw 7pm 10th Apr, 2017

QuidditchUK are excited to announce the groups for this season’s Development Cup. For this draw there were no seeded teams with all 10 teams being put in a pot and drawn into two groups of five. The groups are as follows.

Group A:
Bournemouth Banshees
Liverpuddly Cannons
Holyrood Hippogriffs Seconds
Preston Poltergeists

Group B
Sheffield Steelfins
Mercenary Team
Glasgow Grim Reapers
St Andrews Snidgets
London Unbreakables

Both groups will play in a round robin format on Day 1 of the event. For Day 2, the top 5 teams across Group A and B will face off against eachother in a new round robin group and the remaining five teams will form a second round robin group. More details on the tournament structure can be found here.

The Mercenary team in Group B are still in need of players and as such the signup deadline for the mercenary team has been extended to Thursday 13th April at 23:59. If you are interested in playing for the mercenary team please contact the tournament committee through the contact form 

All competiting teams should also remember that player registration closes on 16th April at 23:59 and players should fill out the following form to be eligible to compete: