Dev Cup 2017 8pm 19th Mar, 2017

Welcome to the Inaugural QuidditchUK Development Cup! Dev Cup is a tournament designed for developing and up and coming teams or teams who have not qualified for BQC, and will provide a platform for the participants to learn and improve and to help grow quidditch in the UK. This year Dev Cup is being hosted at Horspath Athletics Track in Oxford on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of April 2017. 

Dates to Remember
19/03/17 - Registration Opens
31/03/17 - Tournament Structure released
17/04/17 - Player Guide released 
17/04/17 - Schedule released 
22-23/04/17 - Tournament Weekend 

Deadlines to Remember
25/03/17 - Team Signups Close
09/04/16 - Volunteer Registration Closes
16/04/17 - Player Fees due
16/04/17 - Roster Submission
16/04/17 - Registration Closes
22/04/17 - Medical Information Submission

The tournament is being held at Horspath Athletics Ground, Oxford on the 22nd-23rd April 2017. Horspath Athletics Ground has hosted many quidditch tournaments in the past including Southern Cup 2015, and Oxford is a location with fantastic transport links and plenty of accommodation options. 

Organising Committee
For Dev Cup 2017 Mel Piper and Tom Ower are Co-Tournament Directors with Priya Shah and Rix Dishington as Co- Assistant Tournament Directors. The committee was chosen from QuidditchUK volunteers who were passionate about the tournament.

Team Signups
To sign your team up for a guaranteed place at Dev Cup please register through the Contact Us Form before the 26th March. Team Signups are now closed.  

Tournament Fees
To compete at Development Cup the fees are £15 per player. There is no additional team fee. Teams must pay their player fees in one bulk payment. Fees must all be paid by 23:59 16th April.

Fees can be paid to the following account:

Account Name: QuidditchUK
Account Number: 34339568
Sort Code: 40-19-15

Please include a reference with your payment to make it easier for us to identify your payment in the form: [Shortened Team Name - TF] with “TF” used to denote Tournament Fees payment.

Registration Form
The registration form needs to completed by all those intending to play or volunteer at Development Cup. The registration form includes a waiver and can be found here. Volunteers need to register by the end of 09/04/17 whilst players need to register by the end of 16/04/17. Please read each section carefully and if you wish to change any of your answers, you will need to fill out the Contact Us form no later than 23:59 16th April 2017.

Roster Submission
Teams should submit their rosters via email to no later than 23:59 on the 16th April 2017. Teams will also be required to submit medical information for every player on their roster, the form for medical information can be found here and should be submitted to the committee on the first morning of the tournament. 

Tournament Schedule
The Tournament Structure can be found here. The schedule will be released on the 17th April.

Important Links
Contact Us Form
Registration Form
Tournament Venue
Tournament Structure

Contact Us
If you have any general concerns, questions, or suggestions about Development Cup these should be directed to the Contact Us form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the event be hosted?
Dev Cup 2017 will be hosted at Horspath Athletics Ground. The full address is:

Horspath Road Athletics Track
Oxford Road 

What travel options are available to get to the venue?
Oxford has good transport links with a large train station and Megabus and National Express running coach routes to the city. The Oxford Tube provides an excellent value coach trip between Oxford and London. Oxford is also well connected by road, sitting just off the M40. 

The tournament itself can be reached by bus, walking and taxi services. Within Oxford, taxis are often cheaper than the bus if you’re travelling in a group of 3 or 4, or more. 

Is parking available for the event?
There is limited car parking available at the tournament venue, and as such players and spectators are encouraged to use local transport links get to the venue or to plan ahead and locate parking nearby.   

What facilities are available at Development Cup?
Over the course of the weekend players and spectators will have access to changing rooms and toilets which will be open for the duration of the event.There is limited shelter at the venue, participants are advised to plan accordingly. 

Will the venue have disabled access?
The pitches will have disabled access, as a path connects the main entrance to them. Toilets and changing rooms are accessible via a ramp. 

Will food vendors will be available at the venue?
Local favourites Ahmed's Bar-B-Q who have provided food for previous tournaments such as Valentines Cup and Southern Cup 2015 will be in attendance with their kebab van. 

What time will Development Cup start and finish each day?
Each day will start at 8:00 and finish at approximately 17:00. The full schedule will be released on 17/04/17.

What accommodation options are there for the local area?
There are a number of accommodation options within Oxford, from Travelodges to Scout Huts and we encourage all teams to arrange accommodation as soon as possible. There are accommodation options close to the venue, and some further which may require taxi or car services.

Will spectators have to pay or register to watch?
No, this is an open spectator event and will not require any tickets to be purchased. Just turn up and watch!

I want to volunteer! How do I sign up?
To volunteer for Development Cup, you must sign up by filling out the registration form by the end of 09/04/17.

Which teams will be competing at event?
Bournemouth Quidditch Club
Glasgow Grim Reapers
Holyrood Hippogriffs Seconds
Liverpuddly Cannons
London Unbreakables
Preston Poltergeists
Sheffield Steelfins
St Andrews Snidgets
Unamed Mercenary Team

I want to play for the unnamed mercenary team are Dev Cup 2017, how do I get involved? 
If you play for a team who could not attend development cup and did not play at BQC you can play for the unnamed mercenary team we will be organising to bring the tournament up to 10 teams. To find out more about playing for the team, please contact us via the contact us form. Please note, priority on the merc squad will be given to players from new and developing teams.   

How will the tournament be structured? 
The tournament structure for Dev Cup can be found here

Can I bring my own broom?
Yes, players may bring their own brooms, so long as the brooms conform to the current Rulebook specifications.

What else should I bring for the tournament?
Make sure to bring clothes to change into for the evenings, and of course sports clothes (team shirts, comfortable sports footwear with studs etc). Toiletries such as soap, toothpaste etc are advised, and check that your accommodation supplies towels and appropriate materials for your stay, so that you can bring your own if they don’t (pillows, sheets etc). Bring plenty of water to keep hydrated, layers in case of rain or bad weather, and enough money to buy food and any merchandise you fancy throughout the day. Players must bring their own headbands, and players may bring their own broom if they wish, however brooms will be available.

What merchandise will be available to purchase at the event?
Merchandise will be available on the day, a catalog will be included within the Player Guide which will be released on the 17th of April.

What First Aid services are available at the event?
First Aid service will be present at the event. QuidditchUK will be working with Epione Medical Services, who have provided medical cover for many quidditch events within the UK over recent years.

For more details on QuidditchUK’s partnership with Epione Medical Services, click here.

My team has had a player drop out due to injury, can we put a replacement on our roster?
The roster deadline is 16th April. After this, if an injury occurs please use the contact form to contact the committee to solve the issue.

I signed up to play at the tournament but had to drop out at the last minute, how do I get a player fee refund?
Any players who drop out of the tournament before 16th April due to injury or other extenuating circumstances can apply for a player refund by emailing the tournament committee at or using the contact us form. Refunds after this deadline may be considered on a case by case basis.

I need to contact someone, who do I get in touch with?
You can contact us on our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Clubs can also contact us using the QUKClubs Slack. 

I’ve contacted QuidditchUK but my email bounced or was undelivered, what do I do?
We are aware of a bug that means some emails to QuidditchUK accounts bounce back. If this occurs, please try again from a different email address or use the contact form. 

Tournament Details

Date: 22-23/04/17
Hosts: Horspath Athletics Track, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Event Committee:
Mel Piper and Tom Ower: Co-Tournament Directors
Priya Shah and Rix Dishington: Co- Assistant Tournament Directors


President: Mel Piper

Vice-President: James Burnett

Public Relations: Tom Ffiske

With thanks to:

Jack Adie (Logo), Oxford University Quidditch Club (Equipment), and Epione Medical Services.