Velociraptors QC win BQC 2017 7pm 15th Mar, 2017

This weekend, 32 teams arrived at Rugeley Leisure Centre to compete for the title of the national quidditch champion of the 2016/17 season. After a weekend of excitement, upsets and brownies, the Midlands-based community club Velociraptors QC were awarded the trophy.

Captained by Tom Heynes, the first day of the tournament saw the Velociraptors dominate their group, repeating their impressive performance at Northern Cup 2016 as they conceded only three goals against Brizzlebees, Portsmouth Horntail Strikers and Keele Squirrels.

On day two the Velociraptors achieved another substantial victory against the Swansea Seven Swans in the Round of 16, the final score standing at 190*-10. The quarter and semi-finals were undoubtedly some of the top games to watch this weekend, seeing Velociraptors come up against Southern Cup 2016 champions, Warwick QC, emerging with a score of 80*-20 before facing the Werewolves of London, winning 180*-40. From this, they progressed to the final against Brizzlepuffs Quidditch Club’s first team, the Brizzlebears.

The final against the Brizzlebears saw impressive play from both sides and after a hard fought match it was Tom Heynes who caught snitch Sean Lee, securing the national title for Velociraptors QC with a final score of 260*-60. This follows an impressive first season for the team who will be looking to repeat the performance at the European Quidditch Cup in Belgium in two weeks time.

Pool Play:
Velociraptors QC: 280* - 0 Brizzlebees
Velociraptors QC: 190* - 10 Portsmouth Horntail Strikers
Velociraptors QC: 260* - 20 Keele Squirrels

Round of 16:
Velociraptors QC: 190* - 10 Swansea Seven Swans

Quarter Final:
Velociraptors QC: 80* - 20 Warwick Quidditch Club

Semi Final:
Velociraptors QC: 180* - 40 Werewolves of London

Velociraptors QC: 260* - 60 Brizzlebears

Captain Tom Heynes had the following to say "Everyone is on a high following the tournament. We gave this season our all and to see it pay off in the way it has so far is something special. Each member of Velociraptors has been fantastic, taking the club from its infancy to champions in a year - They deserve their medals and have earned their title as champions having played some outstanding quidditch."