Holmes Replaces Craig as Head Coach of Team UK Development Squad 7pm 14th Feb, 2017

After serving the Team UK system as a fantastic player, mentor, and coach, we are very sad to see Ollie Craig step down as the Head Cost of the Team UK Development squad due to time constraints and other commitments.

Jay Holmes, an assistant coach in the Development Squad will take over from Craig in the role of head coach with immediate effect.

Ollie said: “"It has been a huge honour for me to be a part of the Development Squad's humble beginnings, and I'm delighted to see the progress the group has made in such a short space of time. Jay is a smart and committed individual, and I'm so excited to see what he and Tommy can do with the squad over the coming months and years.”

QuidditchUK are very thankful for all the time, effort and hard work that Craig has put in to make sure that the Development Squad has become a success and we wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. 

Jay Holmes said: “It is a huge privilege for me to take up the mantle of Head Coach and I hope to carry on all the hard work that Ollie has put into place and nurture the talent of these amazing players. I want to make it clear to everyone that the Development Squad is a place to improve the abilities and talent of players who will hopefully step into the Team UK Training Squad regardless of their experience or club. However, just because a player is not in the Development Squad does not mean they may not receive a call up to the Training Squad, the Development Squad is used for coaches and players to observe and learn and players may be invited to Development Squad sessions to be scouted by coaches. I have only the best in mind for the Team UK system and can’t wait to have a leading role in making the United Kingdom the strongest nation in quidditch.”