BQC 2017 Tournament Structure and Group Draw 5pm 5th Feb, 2017

From the 11th to the 12th March 2017, Rugeley Leisure Centre will play host to the British Quidditch Cup 2017 which will see 32 teams compete for the title of national champion. The British Quidditch Cup will comprise of an 8 group Round Robin stage followed by a 16 team Championship bracket stage and a 16 team Consolation bracket stage. 

The group stage of BQC 2017 will consist of 8 groups, each made up of 4 teams. To create these groups, the top 4 seeded Northern teams were placed into every other group starting from Group A in the order of 1st Seed, 3rd Seed, 2nd Seed, 4th Seed and the 4 top seeded Southern teams were also been placed into every other group working backwards from Group H, in the same order. The second seed teams were formed from those that placed between 5th and 8th at their respective regional tournaments and were drawn into groups with a top seed from the other region. Each group also then received one unseeded team from Northern and Southern Regional Tournaments. The full groups can be seen below:

BQC 2017 will conclude with two brackets, the Championship Bracket and the Consolation Bracket. The top 16 teams from the group stage (the top two from each group) will progress to the Championship Bracket, with the bottom 16 (the bottom two from each group) entering the Consolation Bracket. In the event of a tie in a group, the tiebreaker criteria from the QuidditchUK Gameplay Event Requirement Guidelines will be used.

More information about the tournament structure for the British Quidditch Cup 2017 can be found here and the layout for the Championship and Consolation Brackets can be seen below. 

Graphics by Matt Bateman. HQ Championship Bracket. HQ Consolation Bracket