Announcing the Team UK Training and Expansion Squads


Announcing the Team UK Training and Expansion Squads

Following careful selection, QuidditchUK are proud to announce the Team UK Training Squad and Expansion Squad for the next training weekends. Coached by Emily Oughtibridge and Jay Holmes respectively, the Training and Expansion Squads will be training with the aim of making the final 21.

Congratulations to all that have been selected and we look forward to seeing what you achieve across the weekends!

Team UK Training Squad:

KeeperAndrew Hull
KeeperSeb Waters
KeeperAlex Greenhalgh
ChaserTom Stevens
ChaserBen Malpass
ChaserJames Thanangadan
ChaserAaron Veale
ChaserAshley Cooper
ChaserReuben Thompson
ChaserLuke Trevett
ChaserEd Brett
ChaserJemma Thripp
ChaserJackie Woodburn
ChaserAbbi Harris
ChaserBex Lowe
ChaserFranky Kempster
ChaserTash Ferenczy
ChaserAsia Piatek
ChaserSarah Ridley
ChaserSophie Craig
ChaserLauren Sterry
BeaterBill Orridge
BeaterJacopo Sartori
BeaterJan Mikolajczak
BeaterAnjit Aulakh
BeaterAaron Brett-Miller
BeaterDan Trick
BeaterLucy Q
BeaterLucy Edlund
BeaterJess O’Neill
BeaterAlex Carpenter
BeaterAlice Walker
BeaterKerry Aziz
BeaterNat A’Bear
BeaterCallum Lake
BeaterJonathan Purvis

Team UK Expansion Squad

KeeperAlex Macartney
BeaterBen Guthrie
ChaserBen Honey
ChaserCaleb Pakeman
ChaserCallum Humphries
ChaserChris Scholes-Lawrence
BeaterChris Thomas
ChaserDavid Goswell
ChaserEl Zukowicz
KeeperElliot Fisher
ChaserEmily Arnold
ChaserEmily Hymers
ChaserEmma Sands
ChaserGabby Fitzgerald
BeaterGabri Hall-Rapa
ChaserHannah Ridley
ChaserHannah Watts
BeaterImy Gregg
BeaterJade Saunders
ChaserJoe Kernagan
ChaserJoel Davis
ChaserJonathan Cookes
ChaserKat Jack
ChaserKatie Dickens
ChaserKaty Lawrence
BeaterLewis Boast
ChaserLydia Calder
ChaserMichael Stakesby-Lewis
ChaserOllie Brigden
BeaterRachel Lily
ChaserSamantha Frolich
ChaserSteve Withers
BeaterTayyeb Ali
ChaserTom Norton
ChaserTommy Ruler
ChaserWarren McFadyen
QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
October 27, 2017

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