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2021 Annual General Meeting


QUK are happy to announce the Annual General Meeting for 2021.

The meeting will be hosted via Google Meet on October 26th at 7pm, and closing by approximately 8:30pm.

All QUK clubs are welcome to attend the AGM, however clubs who are not currently paying members will not have voting rights when it comes to constitutional amendments or other votes raised during the meeting. In order to ratify any updates to our constitution and pass over our financial reports we need to make quorum, so we request that all available clubs attend. 

Financial reports will be available after the registration deadline, and any constitutional review documents will be available closer to the AGM date.

Please be aware that there can be no more than one representative per club, a hosting link will be provided once registration has closed. Please confirm your attendance by emailing teams@quidditchuk.org your representative name and club by the 10th of October.


  • Constitutional Amendments
  • 2020/2021 Financial Report
  • Presidential Report

QuidditchUK Attendees

  • Matt Bateman, President
  • Abby Whiteley, Vice President
  • Tom Hutton, Operations Director
  • James King-Nickol, Teams Director
  • Beck Throup, Media Director
  • Eamonn Harrison, Gameplay Director
  • Omar Coakley, (Acting) Events Director
  • Chloe Durkin, Secretary
Beck Throup

By Beck Throup
September 29, 2021

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