The Hooch Initiative

The Hooch Initiative is QuidditchUK’s flagship expansion project, aiming to partner up existing Harry Potter societies and established quidditch teams in a mentor system, which will hopefully allow both teams to flourish and thrive in the 2015/2016 season.

The Initiative follows a simple three stage process which will guide the partner society in setting up - including getting equipment, arranging games and tournaments, and generally getting the new team integrated in the community.

This is all carried out through a mentor team; a more established team who are able to provide resources, contacts and advice to get the partner society going. Teams are matched up based on geography to minimise travel costs, and this has generally worked well.

Throughout the Hooch Initiative, both teams will earn points for reaching certain milestones. These are described in the handbook in full - but examples including holding training sessions, winning games and holding social events for your team. The partnership with the most Hooch points by January 1st wins 50% off their BQC entry fees, both in regards to team, and player fees.

Why is the Hooch Initiative important? Too often in the past have individuals or societies expressed interest in starting a team, and QuidditchUK hasn’t had the capacity to help them as much as we should have. The Hooch Initiative allows us to reach out to those individuals or societies and give them the support they need, through our dedicated member teams.

To read more about the Hooch Initiative, read the 2015-16 handbook here.

Once you have applied via this form, you will receive an email confirming your application and arranging a skype meeting to discuss how your team will be involved in the Hooch Initiative.

Any questions can be directed to Matthew Guenzel at, or Andy Cooke, at