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TrainingsSaturdays 12pm-4pm
PresidentMax Freemantle

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About London Unspeakables Quidditch

The Unspeakables are London’s first quidditch team. Through our regular open sessions, we have introduced many new players to the sport who missed out on the more well-trodden university route; this makes us a true community team. We pride ourselves both on our diversity and our spirit of competitiveness while never losing our sense of humour. Our core of passionate, friendly and dedicated regular members, supplemented by talented players from far and wide, has allowed us to consistently improve over the past few years and we were thrilled to finish as silver medalists at both Southern Cup 2019 and EQT 2020.

We regularly field three teams. A bigger club enables us to continue our traditions of developing new talent and helping players transition from other sports. We can cater for players of all abilities. The London Unspeakables attracts those with aspirations to compete at the highest levels of British and international quidditch.

The London Unstoppables, our second team with solid performances over the last two years, are more determined than ever to take on the big dogs! This team strives to be the ideal balance of fun and competitiveness.

The London Unbreakables, our third team, were formed in 2017. The team is suited for casual players, new players and those who want to join for purely social reasons. The improvement they’ve shown throughout the years has earned them a silver medal at Development Cup 2020.