Following on from the incredibly successful third British Quidditch Cup in Rugeley in March 2016, QuidditchUK is excited to bring together the 32 best teams in Britain for a weekend of what is sure to be the most exciting quidditch the UK has seen to date! Plans for BQC 2017 are well underway, and a summary of the confirmed information at this stage can be found on this page. Dates to Remember 30/01/2017 - Individual and Certified Volunteers Signups Open 03/02/2017 - Merchandise Interest Form released 05/02/2017 - Tournament Structure and Group Draw released 09/02/2017 - Merchandise Catalogue and Order Form opens 05/03/2017 - Player Guide released (delayed from 02/03/2017) 05/03/2017 - Schedule released (delayed from 02/03/2017) Deadlines to Remember 22/02/2017 - Individual and Certified Officials Volunteers Signups Close 23/02/2017 - Merchandise order deadline 26/02/2017 - Roster Submission and Fee payment deadline Location QuidditchUK will once again be hosting BQC 2017 at the Rugeley Leisure Center in Rugeley, Staffordshire on the 11th and 12th of March 2017. Last year Rugeley proved itself to be an excellent venue for BQC, and the feedback from players and volunteers about the center was overwhelmingly positive. Rugeley is a central location for teams attending BQC, and it has excellent transport links and a sufficient number of accommodation choices in and around Rugeley. Transport Rugeley is a central location with good transport links to all of the UK. The site of the tournament can be found here. More transport information can be found in the Hospitality Guide. Organising Committee BQC 2017 will be primarily managed and organised by a committee of nine individuals, consisting of a Tournament Director, an Assistant Tournament Director, three Gameplay and Scheduling Coordinators, two Operations Officers, and two Communications Officers. For more information on the committee and how to get in touch with them please see the information sidebar on this page. The committee positions were determined by a process of open applications via the QuidditchUK website in late 2016. Tournament Fees To compete at BQC 2017 there is a player fee of £12 per player and a team fee of £120. Teams must pay their team and player fees in one bulk payment. Fees must all be paid by 29:59 on the 26th February 2017. Fees can be paid to the following account: Account Name: QuidditchUK Account Number: 34339568 Sort Code: 40-19-15 Please include a reference with your payment to make it easier for us to identify your payment in the form: [Shortened Team Name - TF] with “TF” used to denote Tournament Fees payment. Volunteer Policy In order to compete at the British Quidditch Cup teams will be required to provide a certain amount of volunteers to make a tournament of this scale manageable. The full policy can be found here. This year we are introducing a points based system for volunteers. For the main body of match officials, the following points system will be introduced: 3pts - Head Referee 2pts - Snitch Referee 2pts - First Aider 1pt - Assistant Referee 1pt - Snitch All teams (not spread across clubs) must have a minimum of 6 points worth of volunteers. Each person will be awarded the point score of their most valuable volunteer position. All volunteers in these roles must be QuidditchUK qualified Level 1-4 for referees and snitches, or must hold a valid first aid qualification if first aiding. If your team is struggling to reach the requirement, email to discuss alternative options. Currently, goal referees, scorekeepers and timekeepers are not a compulsory requirement of teams. QuidditchUK reserves the right to increase the volunteer requirements should we feel it is necessary. Individual Signup Form In order to compete or volunteer (for any position) at BQC 2017 you must fill out the Individual Signup Form by the 23:59 22nd February 2017. It is important you fill out the form even if you are a non-playing volunteer. The Individual Signup Form includes food orders for the Saturday night social, and replaces the paper based waivers of previous seasons. The Individual Signup form can be found here, and includes an opt-out for non-certified volunteering positions. Please read each section carefully and if you wish to change any of your answers, you will need to fill out the Contact Us form no later than 22nd February 2017. Certified Positions Volunteer Form If you wish to be a certified volunteer at BQC 2017 as a playing or non-playing volunteer, you will also need to fill out the Certified Positions Volunteer Form. As stated above in the volunteer policy section, teams will need to provide a certain minimum set of volunteers for BQC 2017 based on a points system. The certified volunteer form closes on 23:59 22nd February 2017. Volunteering for non-certified positions is included in the individual sign-up form. Roster Submission All teams should submit their rosters via email to by 23:59 26th February 2017. On 19th February 2017 teams will receive a list of players who have signed up for their team via the individual signup form, and teams will receive a final list of players after individual signups close on the 22nd of February. Only players from this list will be accepted on the final roster when it is submitted by the 26th of February. After roster submission, players may be asked to submit pre-existing medical conditions to our First Aid partners Epione. More information will be provided when teams confirm their squads. Tournament Format The Tournament Format can be found here. The Group Draw can be found here. Tournament Schedule The Tournament Schedule can be found here. Individual schedules for volunteers can be found here. Social BQC 2017 will feature a social on the Saturday evening at Lea Hall Social Club, Sandy Lane, Rugeley (Google Maps), from 7.30pm - 10pm. The club is situated near Rugeley Town Station and close to the Leisure Centre. The social will have a bar open, as well as a catered hot and cold buffet with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Food will be served from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. You must sign up for catering via the Individual Signup form above. You will not be able to order food on the day, if you would like catered food please order it via the individual signup form. Important Links Hospitality Guide Team Registration Volunteer Policy Individual Signup Form Certified Positions Volunteer Signup Form Link Contact Us form Tournament Venue Saturday Night Social Venue Merchandise Interest Form (now closed)

Tournament Format

Group Draw Merchandise Pre-Order Form (now closed) Merchandise Catalogue

Trading Card Submission Form (now closed) Player Guide Schedule Individual Schedules Contact Us If you have any general concerns, questions, or suggestions about BQC 2017, these should be directed to the Contact Us form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the event be hosted? BQC 2017 will be hosted at Rugeley Leisure Centre, in Rugeley, Staffordshire. The address can be found below: Rugeley Leisure Centre Burnthill Lane Rugeley Staffordshire WS15 2HZ What travel options are available to get to the venue? There are two train stations in Rugeley, one very proximal to the venue (Rugeley Town station). Coach services do not stop in Rugeley and are not advised, but Rugeley can be reached easily by car if players are driving. Taxis and Bus services run on the weekends within Rugeley and players are advised to research travel options local to their accommodation. More extensive information can be found in the Hospitality Guide here. Is parking available for the event? Parking is available for the event. More information about the car parking facilities will be made available in the player guide. What facilities are available at Rugeley Leisure Centre? Over the course of the weekend players and spectators will have access to large changing rooms and toilets which will be open for the duration of the event. Additionally the centre itself will provide shelter in the case of adverse weather conditions and a limited number of lockers that will be accessible to players and spectators. Will the venue have disabled access? The pitches will have disabled access, as a path connects the main entrance to the car park and the centre itself. The centre also has disabled access in case of adverse weather conditions. Will food vendors will be available at the venue? Currently we are working with Rugeley Leisure Centre to organise catering options for the BQC 2017 to offer an exciting and tasty range of food for our community. We can confirm that we’ll have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. What time will BQC 2017 start and finish each day? Teams must arrive between 7am and 7.30am. Hour long slots are being scheduled for games, with a half hour lunch break. On Day 1 the last set of games are scheduled to start at 4.30pm, and on Day 2 the final is scheduled start at 4pm. The full schedule can be found here. What accommodation options are there for the local area? There are a number of accommodation options within Rugeley, and we encourage all teams to arrange accommodation as soon as possible. There are accommodation options close to the venue, and some further which may require taxi or car services. For more information and a list of accommodation options, please see the Hospitality Guide. Will spectators have to pay or register to watch? No, this is an open spectator event and will not require any tickets to be purchased. Just turn up and watch! I want to volunteer! How do I sign up? To volunteer for BQC 2017 you must sign up by filling out the individual signup form. If you wish to volunteer in a qualified position (e.g Refereeing, Snitching or First Aiding) you must also complete the certified positions volunteer form. Which teams will be competing at BQC 2017? Bangor Broken Broomsticks Brizzlebears Brizzlebees Cambridge University Quidditch Club Chester Centurions Derby Union Quidditch Durham Direwolves Durhamstrang Exeter Eagles Falmouth Falcons HogYork Horntails Holyrood Hippogriffs Keele Squirrels Leeds Griffins Leicester Thestrals Loughborough Longshots Manchester Manticores Norwich Nifflers Nottingham Nightmares Oxford Quidlings Portsmouth Horntail Strikers Radcliffe Chimeras Reading Rocs Sheffield Quidditch Club Southampton Quidditch Club Firsts Southampton Quidditch Club Seconds Swansea Seven Swans The London Unspeakables Tornadoes Quidditch Club Velociraptors QC Warwick Quidditch Club Werewolves of London How will the tournament be structured? 

The British Quidditch Cup will comprise of an 8 group Round Robin stage followed by a 16 team Championship bracket stage and a 16 team Consolation bracket stage. For more information see the group draw and tournament structure.

Can I bring my own broom? Yes, players may bring their own brooms, so long as the brooms conform to the current Rulebook specifications. What else should I bring for the tournament? Make sure to bring clothes to change into for the evenings, and of course sports clothes (team shirts, comfortable sports footwear with studs etc). Toiletries such as soap, toothpaste etc are advised, and check that your accommodation supplies towels and appropriate materials for your stay, so that you can bring your own if they don’t (pillows, sheets etc). Bring plenty of water to keep hydrated, layers in case of rain or bad weather, and enough money to buy food and any merchandise you fancy throughout the day. Players must bring their own headbands, and players may bring their own broom if they wish, however brooms will be available. What merchandise will be available to purchase at the event? Merchandise for BQC 2017 is available to pre-order until the 23rd of February using the form found here. A full catalogue of the merchandise available can be viewed here. There will also be trading cards available at the tournament, provided by our partners Bluehawk Quidditch Supplies, you can submit your very own trading cards here. What First Aid services are available at the event? First Aid service will be present at the event. The British Quidditch Cup will be working with Epione Medical Services, who are partnered with QuidditchUK and have provided medical cover for many quidditch events within the UK over recent years, including BQC 2016. For more details on QuidditchUK’s partnership with Epione Medical Services, click here. My team has had a player drop out due to injury, can we put a replacement on our roster? The roster deadline is the 26th February 2017, after this date no roster changes will be permitted.

I signed up to play at the tournament but had to drop out at the last minute, how do I get a player fee refund? Any players who drop out of the tournament before the 5th March due to injury or other extenuating circumstances can apply for a player refund by emailing the tournament committee at or using the contact us form. Refunds after this deadline may be considered on a case by case basis.

I need to contact someone, who do I get in touch with? You can contact us on our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Clubs can also contact us using the QUKClubs Slack. I’ve contacted QuidditchUK but my email bounced or was undelivered, what do I do? We are aware of a bug that means some emails to QuidditchUK accounts bounce back. If this occurs, please try again from a different email address or use the contact form.

Current Information

Date: 11th-12th March 2017

Hosts: Rugeley Leisure Center

BQC 2017 Committee

Tournament Director: Priya Shah

Assistant Tournament Director: Beth Thompson

Gameplay and Scheduling Coordinators: Alix Marie d'Avigneau, Seb Waters and Steve Cockram

Operations Officers: Mubariz Mujtaba (Logistics) and Phil Sam (Finance)

Communications Officers: Tash Ferenczy and Sam Davies


President: Mel Piper
Vice-President: James Burnett
Public Relations: Tom Ffiske

With thanks to:
Jack Adie (Logo), Bluehawk Quidditch Supplies (equipment and trading cards), and Epione Medical Services.