Our Constitution

QuidditchUK is run in accordance to a constitution which is approved and enacted by the Executive Management Team. For those interested, links to the constitution and its affiliated documents can be found below. If you have any comments or queries, please feel free to email president@quidditchuk.org, vicepresident@quidditchuk.org, or use our 'Make a Comment' form.

The documents are split into three categories; the constitution itself, affiliated constitution documents and non affiliated documents. The constitution is the main governing document for the organization. The affiliated documents have the same authority as the constitution, but concern a particular topic. Non affiliated documents also concern a particular topic but have less authority than those affiliated with the constitution. 

Below that is the QuidditchUK Strategic Plan 2015 to 2018.

The QuidditchUK Constitution

Changelog (18Oct16)

Affiliated Documents

The QuidditchUK Captains' Veto
The QuidditchUK Conflict of Interest Policy
The QuidditchUK Disciplinary Policy
The QuidditchUK Internet and Social Media Policy
The QuidditchUK Membership Policy
The QuidditchUK Member Club Representation Policy
The QuidditchUK Right to Reference Policy
The QuidditchUK Safeguarding Policy
The QuidditchUK Voluntary Leave Policy
The QuidditchUK Volunteer Benefits Policy

Non-affiliated Documents

The QuidditchUK Intoxicating Substances Policy
The QuidditchUK Match Officials Complaints Process

The QuidditchUK Roster Limitation Policy
The QuidditchUK Use of Email Policy
Referee Qualification Procedure 2016/17
QuidditchUK Reimbursement Policy
QuidditchUK Reimbursement Process

Strategic Plan

The QuidditchUK Strategic Plan 2015-18

EMT Minute Summaries

2016/17 Season

General Forum Minutes

2016/17 Season