The BQC can be traced back to the first ever International Quidditch Association Global Games (then called the Summer Games), held at Cutteslowe Park, Oxford in August 2012 to coincide with the passing of the Olympic Torch through the city as part of the 2012 Summer Olympics. The competition involved teams from the USA, Australia, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and was won by the USA. Although the UK placed fifth out of the five teams at the games, it inspired a coming together of people who wanted to make the fledgling quidditch community in the UK grow into something stronger. That idea began with a desire for a nation-wide quidditch tournament which would grow into the BQC.

It took a long time for this to form into anything more cohesive, given the task required of getting in touch with all playing teams in the UK, ensuring that the IQA rules were being adhered to by all, and coordinating everyone’s desires and priorities. Over the course of 2013, however, more and more ground was covered, until it was finally decided that the inaugural BQC, BQC 2013-14, would be hosted by Oxford University Quidditch Club at the University Parks on 9-10 November 2013. QuidditchUK Head of Gameplay, Matthew Guenzel, took the role of Tournament Director, whilst president Ben Morton acted as Assistant Tournament Director. There was no doubt that the event would become a regular fixture in the QuidditchUK season, and on 07-08 March 2015 QuidditchUK held its second national tournament at Wollaton Deer Park in Nottingham. Guenzel acted as Assistant Tournament Director for this second BQC, with James Burnett taking the helm. You can find more detailed information about each British Quidditch Cup below; BQC 2013-14

9th-10th November 2013, University Parks, Oxford
Winners: Radcliffe Chimeras
Runners-Up: Keele Squirrels
Third Place: Bangor Broken Broomsticks

BQC 2014-15

7th-8th March 2015, Wollaton Deer Park, Nottingham
Winners: Southampton Quidditch Club
Runners-Up: Radcliffe Chimeras
Third Place: Keele Squirrels

BQC 2013-14

Sign-ups involved a few teams having to drop out, and others being called up as reserves, but in the end BQC 2013-14 hosted fifteen teams from across the United Kingdom (with one additional team invited from the Republic of Ireland), and saw roughly fifty matches played over two days. Day one of the competition saw competition for two qualification spaces in each of the four groups.

Group A
Qualified: Radcliffe Chimeras (1st), Nottingham Nightmares (2nd)
Radcliffe Chimeras 130 - 50* Nottingham Nightmares
London Unspeakables 20 - 120* Nottingham Nightmares
Radcliffe Chimeras 150 - 30* Derby Union Quidditch
Radcliffe Chimeras 100 - 50* London Unspeakables
London Unspeakables 120* - 30 Derby Union Quidditch
Nottingham Nightmares 100 - 30* Derby Union Quidditch
Group B
Qualified: Leicester Thestrals (1st), Oxford Quidlings (2nd)
Chester Chasers 20 - 130* Norwich Nifflers
Oxford Quidlings 50 - 110* Leicester Thestrals
Oxford Quidlings 90* - 10 Norwich Nifflers
Oxford Quidlings 220* - 20 Chester Chasers
Leicester Thestrals 40 - 60* Norwich Nifflers
Leicester Thestrals 180* - 30 Chester Chasers
Group C
Qualified: Southampton QC (1st), Leeds Griffins (2nd)
Leeds Griffins 60* - 30 St Andrews Snidgets
Reading Rocs 50* - 110 Southampton QC
Southampton QC 100^ (50) - (50*) 60 St Andrews Snidgets
Reading Rocs 30 - 160* Leeds Griffins
Reading Rocs 30* - 90 St Andrews Snidgets
Southampton QC 100* - 20 Leeds Griffins
Group D
Qualified: Bangor Broken Broomsticks (1st), Keele Quidditch (2nd)
Keele Quidditch 140* - 20 Holyrood Hippogriffs
Bangbor Broken Broomsticks 160* - 10 Holyrood Hippogriffs
Keele Quidditch 190* - 0 NUI Galway
Holyrood Hippogriffs 160 - 140* NUI Galway
Keele Quidditch 80 - 120* Bangor Broken Broomsticks
Bangor Broken Broomsticks 160* - 40 NUI Galway

Following these qualification groups, day two of BQC 2013-14 consisted of knockout bracket play. The teams who did not qualify for the main bracket played in an unofficial more lighthearted competition, dubbed the ‘Breakfast Bracket’ due to the fact that it was concluded before the main competitive gameplay on the second day. The final of this bracket took place between the St Andrews Snidgets and the London Unspeakables, with the final score 70* - 10 in the Scottish team’s favour.

The main competitive bracket, which took place across the late morning and afternoon of the second day, can be seen in full below.

The Radcliffe Chimeras, Inaugural BQC Champions - Photo credit to Steffan Danino, Nov 2013

BQC 2014-15
BQC 2014-15 followed a recognizable format to its predecessor, but grew in depth and size according to the growth in the UK game. Initially intended to host twenty-four, the late drop out of the Surrey Stags meant a total of twenty-three teams were able to compete in the event, although an unfortunate traffic accident involving a significant number of Chester Chaser players en route to Nottingham for the tournament meant their ability to compete was limited and they were forced to forfeit their third fixture. There were a total of six groups of four teams, with each in Group C getting a bye in lieu of playing the absent Surrey. As with the inaugural BQC the top two teams from each group qualified for bracket play, but to round out a bracket of sixteen the top four ranked third-place teams also qualified.

Group A Qualified: Keele Squirrels (1st), Derby Union Quidditch (2nd), Warwick Quidditch Club (3rd) Keele Squirrels 70 - 40* Derby Union Quidditch (26m58s) HR: Sally Higginson | Snitch: Denis Jourdan

Keele Squirrels 100^ - 90* Warwick Quidditch Club (32m48s) HR: Ben Pooley | Snitch: Bill Orridge Derby Union Quidditch 100* - 30 Reading Rocs (19m16s) HR: Sally Higginson | Snitch: Anthony Tatman Derby Union Quidditch 80* - 30 Warwick Quidditch Club (19m34s) HR: Alex Greenhalgh | Snitch: Bill Orridge Reading Rocs 20 - 100* Warwick Quidditch Club (23m14s) HR: Ashley Cooper | Snitch: Dale King-Evans Keele Squirrels 130 - 60* Reading Rocs (24m27s) HR: Cory Faniel | Snitch: Jordan Niblock

Group B Qualified: Oxford Quidlings (1st), Falmouth Falcons (2nd), Leicester Thestrals (3rd) Oxford Quidlings 120^ - 70* Leeds Griffins (26m49s)

HR: Lucy B | Snitch: Sebastian Waters

Oxford Quidlings 90* - 70 Leicester Thestrals (24m47s) HR: Ben Pooley | Snitch: Denis Jourdan Oxford Quidlings 60 - 80* Falmouth Falcons (18m40s) HR: Sally Higginson | Snitch: Lee Baughan Leeds Griffins 50* - 40 Leicester Thestrals (19m03s) HR: Alex Greenhalgh | Snitch: Jon Salt Leeds Griffins 60* - 70 Falmouth Falcons (25m17s) HR: Zoe Ford | Snitch: Sally Higginson Leicester Thestrals 180* - 90 Falmouth Falcons (52m20s) HR: Alex Greenhalgh | Snitch: Connor Simpson

Group C Qualified: Southampton Quidditch Club 1 (1st), London Unspeakables (2nd) Southampton Quidditch Club 1 150 - 30* London Unspeakables (24m45s) HR: Eamonn Harrison | Snitch: Lee Baughan

Southampton Quidditch Club 1 190* - 0 Holyrood Hippogriffs (19m39s) HR: Angus Barry | Snitch: Lewis Bly London Unspeakables 140* - 90 Holyrood Hippogriffs (19m16s) HR: Alex Greenhalgh | Snitch: Adam Jasko

Due to the late drop out of Surrey Stags after the group draw, Group C only had 3 teams in it.

Group D Qualified: Radcliffe Chimeras (1st), Bristol Brizzlepuffs (2nd) Radcliffe Chimeras 190* - 0 Norwich Nifflers (19m45s) HR: Sally Higginson | Snitch: Tom Norton

Radcliffe Chimeras 180 - 50* Bristol Brizzlepuffs (30m46s) HR: Ben Pooley | Snitch: Denis Jourdan Norwich Nifflers 30 - 80* Bristol Brizzlepuffs (19m09s) HR: Alex Greenhalgh | Snitch: Phillip Brown Norwich Nifflers 100* - 90 St Andrews Snidgets (23m19s) HR: Sally Higginson | Snitch: Bill Orridge St Andrews Snidgets 10 - 90* Bristol Brizzlepuffs (26m32s) HR: Zoe Ford | Snitch: Tom Norton Radcliffe Chimeras 130* - 10 St Andrews Snidgets (21m43s) HR: Toby March | Snitch: Sebastian Waters

Group E Qualified: Durhamstrang (1st), Nottingham Nightmares (2nd), Bangor Broken Broomsticks (3rd) Durhamstrang 200* - 10 The Flying Chaucers (18m36s) HR: David Dlaka | Snitch: Phillip Brown

Durhamstrang 100* - 50 Bangor Broken Broomsticks (24m39s) HR: David Dlaka | Snitch: Dale King-Evans The Flying Chaucers 10 - 280* Nottingham Nightmares (25m00s) HR: Dave Goddin | Snitch: Nicole Stone Nottingham Nightmares 150* - 70 Bangor Broken Broomsticks (34m54s) HR: Dave Goddin | Snitch: Jordan Niblock The Flying Chaucers 30 - 280* Bangor Broken Broomsticks (26m17s) HR: Zoe Ford | Snitch: Denis Jourdan Durhamstrang 110* - 60 Nottingham Nightmares (20m43s) HR: Eamonn Harrison | Snitch: Denis Jourdan

Group F Qualified: Loughborough Longshots (1st), Cambridge University Quidditch Club (2nd), Southampton Quidditch Club 2 (3rd) Loughborough Longshots 130 - 60* Southampton Quidditch Club 2 (22m30s) HR: Dave Goddin | Snitch: Anthony Tatman

Loughborough Longshots 90 - 40* Chester Chasers (18m14s) HR: Lucy B | Snitch: Anthony Tatman Southampton Quidditch Club 2 60 - 110* Cambridge University Quidditch Club (19m51s) HR: David Dlaka | Snitch: Anthony Tatman Cambridge University Quidditch Club 270* - 90 Chester Chasers (42m20s) HR: Ashley Cooper | Snitch: Nicole Stone Loughborough Longshots 110* - 10 Cambridge University Quidditch Club (20m05s) HR: Sally Higginson | Snitch: Libertee Hull

Chester had to forfeit their final game against Southampton Quidditch Club 2 due to transport issues.

Although scheduling complications and other problems meant that bracket play was unable to completed as planned on the first day, contracting the planned schedule did allow for all games to be completed as intended. Statistics, primarily numbers of wins and points differential, were used to rank the teams and this ranking was used to construct the bracket for the ‘Round of Sixteen’. Bracket play then played out in a single elimination style, as shown below;
For a larger version, click here.

Photo credit to Andrew McCombie Lachlan