What is the British Quidditch Cup?

The British Quidditch Cup (or BQC) is the single largest and most prestigious UK quidditch tournament. Currently the only non-league-based tournament hosted directly by QuidditchUK, it invites every team to compete in a knockout competition for the title of British Quidditch Champions. One of the most established competitions in quidditch outside of the United States and Canada, the BQC attracts teams from all over QuidditchUK’s jurisdiction and is considered by most UK players to be the pinnacle of the domestic competitive season.

Photo credit to Nina Heise, Nov 2013

Competition: British Quidditch Cup

Organizers: QuidditchUK
Inaugural Holders: Radcliffe Chimeras (2013-14)
Most Victories: Radcliffe Chimeras (1), Southampton Quidditch Club 1 (1)
Date of Last BQC: 7-8 March 2015
Hosts: Nottingham
Champions: Southampton Quidditch Club 1
Runners-up: Radcliffe Chimeras